Alethea Black was born in Boston and graduated from Harvard College in 1991. Her father was a mathematician, and for a long time she believed her name, the Greek word for truth, was his way of tipping his cap to the idea of absolutes. Then one day her mother overheard her and said, “No, we got your name from a TV show.” (Judd, for the Defense.)

Her debut collection of short stories, I Knew You'd Be Lovely (Broadway Books, 2011), is in its seventh printing and was selected by as well as the Barnes & Noble 'Discover Great New Writers' program. A three-time MOTH StorySLAM winner, Black lives in LA County, California, with her little dog Josie.

It was a dream to be endorsed in the New York Times by one of my very favorite authors, Anne Lamott.

Sample stories from the collection here and here.

My first review!

More review/interviews from Albany and Ohio. "These are funny, sexy, wise stories; some are sad, yet somehow they're always hopeful."

Fun interview with the folks at The Story Prize.

Why the book includes a section of Author's Notes with the stories behind the stories.

Reviews in The Boston Globe and the StarTribune. One reviewer calls the book hilarious, and now I love her.

"Essay to Be Read at 3 a.m." This piece opens with the line: I don't know why I write at night. When I wrote it, I didn't know, but now I do! I have a genetic abnormality in heme synthesis that affects 10% of the population and leads to greater alertness at night. Read more about it here.

An interview before a live performance of my stories.

WordTheatre performance by Cassidy Freeman on Producer Cedering Fox said the cameraman took her arm and asked: "Who wrote that?" -- one of my favorite compliments.

Got your headphones ready? Writers on Writing radio interview and Work Stew podcast.

Guest blog post for the Happy Ending series.

My answer to the question Why write? (you have to scroll down a bit).

I love stories such as David Bezmozgis' "Natasha" that are wildly entertaining while they quietly work on your heart.

The school shooting epidemic: caused by a lack of zinc and B6?

First new story since the collection: "You, on a Good Day" was published in One Story and was nominated for a Pushcart and for inclusion in The Best American Short Stories.

Questions for reading groups are here.

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